Ebike Rentals at Snow Canyon and St. George!


Rampage Rental & Repair

We, at Rampage, are passionate. Passionate about creating the most seamless Rental experience possible for our customers. Passionate about getting providing a means to see some of the most beautiful landscapes throughout the Greater Zion Area, and passionate about getting you back on the trail. 

Rampage is a family owned company started from two brothers’ love for cycling and being outdoors. Our goal with this company is to get as many people on bikes and active as possible. We’re dedicated to providing a safe, stress free experience to get you and your family on bikes and on the trails today.

Our Team


Kyle is passionate about the cycling community and various forms of bike riding. Kyle strives to be his very best in everything he does. His love for the cycling industry and obsession with creating a second to none customer experience let to the formation of Rampage. He and his brother Dylan created Rampage with the goal of getting as many people on bikes and outdoors as possible.


Dylan is an avid mountain biker and is passionate about the cycling community here in southern Utah. Dylan has years of experience as a bike mechanic and is ready to serve any and everyone’s needs. He has great work ethic and strives to be as knowledgeable as possible to meet customers needs. He and his brother Kyle opened Rampage Rental & Repair because they are passionate for the cycling community and want to create a rental experience that’s second to none, and gets as many people on bikes as possible.